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Inspiration Made Easy

Inspiration Made Easy

So, I hand stamp a lot of jewelry – obviously, it’s my job!  Some days I’m better at it than others. Some days, it’s a challenge. And then some days, I get a little help. Let me explain… Since we make jewelry that commemorates life events – both happy and sad – I hear a lot of amazing stories explaining the meaning behind the jewelry we’re creating for our customers. Quite often, I get “a feeling” – especially if I’m “in the zone” at my stamping block.

This particular day, while stamping a leather bracelet for a customer’s husband who had just lost his brother, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace. I stamped the resting place in map coordinates and then I looked down at Scott Norton’s name, it was stamped perfectly – and with such ease, I knew instantly I had a little help. I always waiver about telling our customers when something like this occurs. I never know if they’ll think I’m “out there” or strange or what, but this time I had to say something. This is how our customer, Rachael, replied –

“I know this is a little unorthodox but here is a video that will give you a glimpse of my brother-in-law. He was truly the most inspirational person I have ever known."

Hmmm. I couldn’t wait until later that evening to watch the video, I even called my husband, Dan, to come watch it with me. There we sat - for over an hour. We watched many videos of the heroic Scott Norton and his loving family – some more than once. We were beyond touched, beyond inspired and forever changed. I urge you to watch these videos if you haven’t already. I can’t do them justice by trying to explain how selfless, brave, and admirable Scott Norton was. It’s something you must see for yourself.

There was a moment in one of the videos where Scott and his wife, Emily, were off to the side at a family gathering – it was quite possibly the sweetest most heart wrenching thing to watch.  A moment in time, a memory we knew Emily would cherish forever, Dan jumped up and said, “That’s it!  She’s gotta have that moment on a necklace!” Here’s a picture of Emily wearing her necklace engraved with a photo of her and Scott’s touching moment and Brian wearing the leather bracelet I stamped with such ease. Oh – and guess how easy it was to make the photo necklace?  A breeze.


The heroic story of Scott Norton and his lost battle to brain cancer at such a young age has changed both Dan and myself. We can longer complain about the small things and just when we’ve had enough, we remember Scott’s remarkable story and his positive upbeat attitude – never once giving up – and carry that inspiration forward.  We would like to dedicate this bracelet in Scott’s memory and will donate 10% of all proceeds to help his wife, Emily, and their 5 children. For those interested in learning more about how they can help, here’s a link to the fundraising page set up by the Norton family:

We are honored to make this bracelet in memory of Scott Norton and grateful for the heroic lessons he left behind. To purchase our coordinate bracelet with his resting place (you can personalize however you'd like), please click the following link:

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