About Us

Both my grandfather and great grandfather were jewelers so I guess it was inevitable that I also became one - eventually. After graduating with a degree in Architecture from CU, I began my career living in San Francisco and selling software during the dot com era. Many years later, I ended up back home in Texas where I grew up. I soon adopted my two children from the same small town in Russia - a location obviously very dear to me - and had the latitude and longitude of where I first saw them tattooed down the back of my neck. This later inspired me to create jewelry that could commemorate special events for people. Looking back, it sure would have been a lot easier to make a bracelet and a heck of a lot less painful!

The first pair of earrings I ever sold was to my dad's nurse while he was in the ICU many years ago. While visiting my dad one day, we were sitting in his backyard when he introduced me to my amazing husband, Dan...and sadly passed away three weeks later. For an entire year after his death, I wore a charm necklace that was my great grandmother's and had my dad's name on it. I don't know what I would have done without it. I found such comfort from wearing that charm. It's important that I help provide others find the same comfort when they are in need - the real reason I do what I do. It's this vision that keeps me going day in and day out. 

So - I have always been the creative type and enjoyed making things with my hands. It was Dan who gave me my first power tool (at the time, I thought it was the worst Christmas present ranked up there with a vacuum) and introduced me to the love of manipulating metal. If not for him, I'd only know how to make beaded earrings!

I opened my Etsy shop, THEmodernBAZAAR, in 2013. After endless hours, determination and passion, I am thankful to be doing my life's work - designing and creating jewelry that inspires, comforts and honors an important life event or person.

Our hand stamped Coordinate Collection is the common thread linking our customers to the places they've traveled - whether it's just to the backyard where they met or across the world where they were born - stories from all over the world, both happy and sad, we are truly honored to help curate. 

This year, we're taking our personalized jewelry line even more personal with the ability to place a photograph or actual handwriting onto any one or our designs. We’ve also added the ability to engrave in addition to hand stamp. I’m so grateful to have found my calling and thanks to all our wonderful customers, my husband now handles the production side of the business full time - we're truly a family run business. 

I am inspired everyday by the meaning behind the jewelry I am making. More than anything, I love hearing our customer's stories. We are touched by our client's sentiment and often hear that our customers wear their personalized jewelry every day, and that makes handcrafting and designing each collectible piece even more meaningful. 


So…. What's your story? We'd love to hear it, make it – and have you wear it!


Jen & Dan Carey